What Is This Resource?

The Practice Implementation Checklists (PIC) provide a list of practices associated with evidence-based effective teaching in a play-based primary school classroom environment (Years 1 – 8). Divided into four areas, the checklists support teachers to reflect on the ways they establish and manage the physical and emotional learning environment; consider the intentional teaching methods utilized within this environment; and outline wider teaching practices such as planning, assessing and communicating progress of students within a play-based setting.

How do I use This Resource?

These checklists can be used to support teacher’s reflection on professional knowledge and understanding of intentional teaching strategies implemented in a play-based setting primary classroom. We encourage teachers and teaching teams to review the list and identify areas of practice that are emerging, partly in place or established. Following this, teachers and teaching teams might set individual or team goals focused on improving or enhancing teaching through play practices. The lists are organized from Checklist 1 to Checklist 4 to reflect the progression of implementation teachers will follow when beginning to apply play pedagogy in their learning environment.


Aiono, S., & McLaughlin, T. (2018). Practice Implementation Checklists (PIC). In S. Aiono & T. McLaughlin, Play-based Learning Observation Tool Research Version 1.0 (P-BLOT 1.0): Manual and Supplemental Resources. Unpublished instrument. Palmerston North, NZ: Massey University. Available at https://eyrl.nz/play-based-learning-pic/

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